Life Skills Training

In addition to helping provide basic needs, it is important to provide mental, spiritual, and social resources as well.

Camp de la Grace

HIM Haiti’s founder, Caleb Lucien dreamed of creating a life-giving retreat center for the community of Pignon. In 1992 HIM Haiti opened Camp de la Grace, the hub of our life skills training ministry. Each year, HIM Haiti hosts a number of camps both for children and adults. Camps are usually run with the help of American volunteers who come and bring life skills, enthusiasm, supplies, and resources.

Children’s Camp

Camp de la Grace is never more alive with excitement and energy than when it is hosting one of the Children’s Camps.  These overnight camps run four days and host 300 – 400 kids.  The children receive 3 meals a day, a place to sleep in one of the many dorms, and lots of fun.  A typical camp offers sports and games, arts and crafts, bible stories and teaching, singing and dancing, and lots of encouragement and love.

Youth Camp

These camps are geared toward high school students through single young adults ages 15 – 25.  HIM focuses on encouraging this young generation to become leaders among their peers during this four day overnight camp.  In addition to rest and relaxation, these campers receive self esteem strengthening, biblically-based teaching on relationship issues, communication skills, singing and worshiping.

Women’s Camp

Investing in women is an important part of our ministry.  Women’s camps at Camp de la Grace are scheduled twice a year as funds are available and focus on encouraging and educating women on how to make a difference in their lives as well as the lives of their family members.  The camps center on strengthening women’s knowledge of God, women issues, childcare, and first aid and health issues including a medical check-up and at-home care such as breast self exams.

Men’s Camp

HIM Haiti’s camps for men focus on the role of a man in the family as well as in the community.  The camp offers biblical teaching, question and answer sessions with leaders, health education taught by a local doctor, singing, worshiping, and a chance for rest and relaxation.

Short Term Mission Trips

We need your help The success of these camps is dependent on partners like you to join us here in Pignon on short term mission trips.

Layton Stamper Children’s Home

Giving love and care for children in need has been a part of HIM Haiti since its inception.  Through the Layton Stamper Children’s Home, HIM Haiti has provided a safe foster home for children who find themselves with no place to go.  Some may have lost their parents, some were brought by their parents who couldn’t afford to care for them, while other kids got kicked out of their home due to their faith in Jesus Christ.  However they find their way to HIM Haiti, they are embraced in the foster home and are provided shelter, clothing, food, education, and love.  Today there are 11 children living in the home ages 6 to 15 as well as a house mother.

We need your help Like all areas of HIM Haiti’s ministry, the foster home is dependent upon generous donations.  The facilities are in need of updating and refurbishing to continue to provide a safe, loving environment for these children.  HIM Haiti is also looking for a loving married couple or two single women to join us in Haiti in long-term missions to help care for the children at this home.  For more information on a long term mission opportunity or to give money to the Layton Stamper Children’s Home, click here.