Education is not free in Haiti, whether provided by public or private school and many families cannot afford to send their children to school. HIM Haiti is committed to helping every child receive the education they need to succeed in leading a healthy, well-rounded life.
College de la Grace

HIM Haiti started College de la Grace in 1993 as the first secondary school in the community. Because of the economic depression in Haiti, paying for school is a constant strain on the home. To assist these families HIM Haiti offers a Student Sponsorship Program. Children are educated in subjects such as math, Chemistry, Biology, English, French, writing, computer science, and Bible classes. Students are succeeding at College de la Grace and passing achievement tests at twice the national average. Alumni have gone on to study and advance their education in the following countries: Cuba, Dominican Republic, United States, Germany, and France.

Fun Fact When College de la Grace first began upper classes (10th – 13th), many adults, including former mayors returned to class as this was their first opportunity to finish school.

We need your help The facilities, school supplies, food, and salaries to keep College de la Grace open are dependent on partnerships and donations.

Lapila Christian School

HIM Haiti is not only committed to providing local education opportunities for Pignon, but for surrounding communities as well.  In the early 1990’s a neighboring town called Lapila was in desperate need of a primary school.  HIM Haiti worked with the local leaders in Lapila and helped found their first school, Lapila Christian Elementary.  Today, Lapila Christian School has 385 students grades K – 6th.  Since opening the school in 1992,  HIM Haiti has also planted a church in Lapila to meet the spiritual needs that have arisen out of the lives touched by the school.

Fun Fact It was through Lapila Christian School that HIM Haiti first launched their Student Sponsorship Program, which today helps many children in Pignon attend College de la Grace.

We need your help  The town of Lapila is much smaller than Pignon and in need of a lot of financial assistance.  In order to keep the school in proper maintenance as well as fully staffed, HIM Haiti relies heavily on partnerships and donations.

Teacher Training

HIM Haiti is committed to providing the teachers of College de la Grace and Lapila Christian School the proper training needed to be successful in educating the next generation. Each year, HIM Haiti hosts Teacher Training Conferences focusing on the following skills:
Classroom Management
Lesson Plan Preparation
Interactive Teaching Strategies
Computer Training
Student Discipline
Classroom Set-up
We need your help Teacher Training occurs through the help of international partners. We need more teachers and administrators to come along side to help the teachers of HIM Haiti provide the best education for these children.