What a week! Celebration of High School’s 30th Anniversary!

What a fun Celebration!

After the decades of ministry, we have learned that when there is a chance to celebrate and remember what the Lord has done, it’s important to do so!  We had hoped and prayed that the celebration of College de la Grace’s 30th anniversary would be a series of events that would glorify the Lord’s name.  Thankfully, the Lord honored our prayers and allowed us to celebrate what He has done!

It began with the arrival of several special guests who included friends who had helped start Hosean International Ministries over forty years ago.  What fun it was to show them around with all the changes since their last visit.  One friend, Steve Barber visited for the first time in thirty-five years!  Below is Caleb walking to the plane welcoming their chartered flight to Pignon!

That night we had a special concert of praise with the group Lwanj (Praise) who traveled from Port au Prince to be with us!

The next morning we hosted a crowd of students and guests of over 1,000 people who came to celebrate with us including town leaders and other invited guests.

Founder and Executive Director, Pastor Caleb Lucien spoke following several  presentations and thanks to long term staff and employees.  

Attendees and students all enjoyed the various presentations and many testimonies were given as to the blessing that the school’s existence has been to the life of the community.  Afterwards, everyone was fed with meals catered by the ministry’s restaurant/business:  Chalydath Restaurant.  A special thanks to all attendees and special visitors!